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K7 Enteprise Security 1.2 released

K7 Enterprise Security 1.2 release.

K7 Computing is happy to announce release of the newest version of K7 Enterprise Security 1.2 – antivirus endpoint protection.

New version brings upgraded features and improved performance and reporting.

K7 Enterprise Security 1.2 provides the latest security protection technology for endpoints protection.

With the fastest antivirus engine from K7 Computing and two-way firewall with in-office and out-of-office settings, K7 Enterprise Security assures that clients are well protected on the company’s network as well on the public networks. Additionally the product providing for security administration Web Control access and Application control for the endpoints. USB and Media access control is a must for any business and K7 Enterprise Security offers multiple settings for the intrusion prevention.

K7 Enterprise security is managed through web console with fast graphic interface and low system resources. Web access allows connecting to the administrators console from PC, Mac, tablets or smartphone via any web browser.

Console providing tools to manage clients, remotely deploy clients, application control monitoring, custom reports and 360 degree information about security protection.

K7 Enterprise Security 1.2

Products release notes::

  1. New Enterprise Product without Firewall (AV + Antispyware + Behavior protection + Device Control only)
  2. Product Backup and restore to support server box migration
  3. Detailed Report (The earlier report was summary only)
  4. Web Filtering enhancement to block https sites over IE, Firefox and Chrome browsers (Client update 11.1.0128)
  5. Importing bulk URLs to add into Allow / Block lists
  6. Indicating Security status of clients (Green / Red / Orange / Blue) in the client list
  7. Manual update at any time (earlier it was only auto update by fixed schedule)
  8. Update settings UI (Internet availability timing can be configured by administrator)
  9. Dashboard widgets rearrangement (by drag and drop)
  10. Website / URLs can be searched through Search Box to know whether its been blocked
  11. Dashboard performance optimization for quick loading of Widgets
  12. SSL SMTP Notifications

Current K7 Enterprise Security clients will be upgraded automatically within upcoming weeks.
For a more information and free trial visit: www.k7computing.co.uk or www.k7computing.ie

K7 2012 products released

February 2012

The world’s fastest antivirus got even better

K7 antivirus is known for the speed of its scanning engine and for the very low impact

it has on system resources of PCs. Numerous awards for best performance and productivity were secured by K7 Computing recently.

AV-Comparatives’ latest PC Mark test ranked K7 antivirus no.1 for having virtually no impact on system resources.

All K7 Computing products for 2012 come with a brand new Graphical User Interface to greatly improve user experience. This new design makes it even easier for every user to understand what is happening to their PC in terms of security and to manage and eliminate possible threats.

New features

Cyber criminals and their methods are getting more and more sophisticated. Malware is rapidly evolving every day. Two of the most common sources of malware infection are malicious websites and infected USB devices.

K7 Computing decided to stop these threats at their core by implementing a Cloud based annotation and website verification system in their software. This system checks and verifies every URL and places a clearly visible checkmark next to search results if the website is safe. Phishing and unsafe websites are automatically blocked.

As far as USB devices are concerned each one is scanned when plugged in. On top if this, users have the option to “vaccinate” their USB devices, which will prevent spreading of any malicious auto-run malware.

Lineup for 2012

K7 Desktop Edition products for 2012 are the following: K7 Antivirus Plus, K7 Total Security and K7 Ultimate Security.

K7 Business edition products are suitable for companies of all sizes. The flagship business product – K7 Enterprise Security is easily managed by a web based admin console accessible from any workstation within the network.

K7 Mail Security is a security suite specially developed for MS Exchange servers taking care of antivirus protection and spam filtering.

K7 2012 antivirus products

K7 2012 antivirus products

About K7 Computing

K7 Computing was founded in 1991 in Chennai, India. Over the course of years they became one of the major players on the Asian antivirus market as well as Japan’s best selling Internet security suite.

European operations were established subsequently with offices located in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Greece and more.

For more information please visit UK www.k7computing.co.uk or IRL www.k7computing.ie

Phone text – free calls offer?

Phone Text phishing scams are nothing new in the recent years, but they are just not so common, like e-mail scams are. You know those Millions winning offers, bank details request to transfer gadzillions of dolars from some princess in some country, and many others. Funny ones or sometimes even very convincing one.  Recently we have received screenshots from our colleges in Ireland for a phishing scam targeting O2 provider customers via text message.

Message is simple:

O2 phone scam

If you are not many of us – click at what ever shows up on the screen, than you will notice what’s wrong with the message: The link is not to O2 page, which is o2.co.uk or o2.ie but it’s to o2upgrades.org

ORG domain is purposely for organization with non-profit character. So deferentially not O2.

If you click at the link you are redirected to:

O2 Scam messageAnd here is exactly what we expected – phishing page where you enter your Mobile number and password. Therefore exposing your account details.

We have entered fictive details in to the form, and what happens next is that we are redirected after to legitimate O2 website login page:

O2 web

And this is what most user are not aware of. For that split of second you have entered your login details on the page 2 and pressed submit, your records were written to someones database, and than you are passed to the legitimate O2 website. You think, hm… maybe I did enter it wrong. If yo did it right, you have just gave your details to some cyber criminal who can pass your details further, sell it on the black market or even use it himself. You are now on the legitimate O2 website login page, but no sign about the special offer. Why? Because it never existed. That was the whole phishing scam – phishing because  what it means – to lure you somewhere where you would enter your login details so they get recorded for someone, somewhere for some purpose.

Be aware: if something looks as a very good offer, and it’s sent straight to you, stop, and think. In most cases it’s a scam. And if you are not sure, why not to ring the sender to make sure that the message is legitimate?

And in case you fell for the scam, just change your login details immediately.


Prepared by K7 Computing UK and K7 Computing Ireland.

Malware Authors and Multiple Scanners

One of the items on a malware authors checklist while distributing malicious code is to make sure that their malware (virus, trojan, backdoor, keylogger, phishing tool, etc.) remains undetected, for as long as possible. Scanning their creation using a multiple Anti-Virus scanning system is one among the many techniques in their arsenal which ensures just that.

Although time consuming and resource intensive, the malware author installs various Anti-Virus software and keeps them updated. The malicious files are scanned on this system before they are distributed to the victim.

For malware authors/script kiddies who can’t afford to build such a system, there are underground sites which mimic genuine online file/URL scanning services. A significant difference being, these underground sites in exchange for money, promise not to distribute the scanned files to the Anti-Virus vendors. Given below are screen shots of two such sites:AV Scanners

AV Web Scanner 2

Then there are tools which incorporate multiple scanners & are distributed for free. For example one such a tool for multiple AV engines scanning:

AV Web Scanner 3

If their malicious code is detected by the Anti-Virus vendors during the initial stage of the attack, the malware authors reacts quickly  and  change their binary.

While traditional checksum MD5 based detections alone might be ineffective against such files, a combination of several detection methods, which include a behavior based approach will prove far more effective.

R.V Shyam Charan

Published by K7 Computing United Kingdom and K7 Computing Ireland