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Latest VB-100 award for K7 Total Security

Latest K7 Award by VB-100



K7 products have appeared in most of our desktop tests over the last few years, with a decent number of passes. The current version installs in decent time with a reboot required, and presents a tough-looking GUI with a military theme. The layout is simple and clear with good status information and decent controls. Stability was flawless throughout, with no issues noted.

Scanning speeds were not bad, and overheads a little high initially but soon became very light. RAM use was around average, CPU use rather low, and our set of activities ran through very quickly.

Detection was pretty good in the reactive sets, dropping away a little into the proactive weeks, but there were no issues in the WildList or clean sets and a VB100 award is earned by K7.

VB-100 August 2014

K7 Total Security secured yet another VB-100 award

K7 Total Security 13.1 product has earned the latest VB100 award for the Windows XP SP3 platform.

VB-100 awardWe are pleased to say that we have passed yet another VB-100 award. Constant research and development for K7 antivirus products are gaining on recognition among the professionals and end -users.

Latest K7 Total Security in a version 13.1 reached higher positioning among the previous testing results.

The test result shows that:

  • K7 have made big improvements in proactive and reactive detection rates for antivirus protection.
  • The Virus Bulletin organisation has praised the new look and feel of K7 Total Security.
  • K7 Total Security is rated as ‘Solid’ which is the best rating for product stability.

Full test results: https://www.virusbtn.com/vb100/archive/test?recent=1

K7 Total Security secured August VB-100 award

VB-100 passK7 Total Security pass yet another VB-100 test.

August Test was performed on Windows 7 Professional

and K7 Total Security pass without any flaw.

Full test available at vb-100 site: here

Over the last 12 months K7 Total Security pass all entered tests in VB-100,

proving the outstanding detection and performance abilities of our product.

For a free 30 day trial visit:

www.k7computing.ie or www.k7computing.co.uk

K7 received VB-100 award

VB-100 December 2011 awardWe are proud to announce that K7 Total Security received VB-100 prestigious award.

K7 Total Security passed with flawless results and has received award with 100% score in detection and performance testing, without any false alarms. Flawless performance during the testing gain another VB-100 award to K7 products portfolio.

VB-100 December 2011 test was performed on Windows 7 Professional machines, tested 54 products, Passed 33, Failed 21.

About VB-100: VB100 comparative testing is a regular independent comparison of anti-malware solutions. Each test report combines the unique VB100 certification scheme with in-depth analysis of product performance on a range of scales. Test link: VB-100