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K7 released new version 14.2 for home edition antivirus products

K7 Computing has released new version 14.2 of it’s home edition antivirus products K7 Antivirus Plus, K7 Total Security and K7 Ultimate Security.

New improvement includes faster scanning speed and easier integration with new Windows 8.1 operating system. This was a challenging task for K7 developers, due to the remarkable K7 speeds in previous versions.

Products also received improved scan of other AV products prior installation with option to automatically uninstall them. This prevents possible conflicts and system performance and instability problems.

New version has been also tested by Softpedia with very good results: Full article in Softpedia

For free trial visit:

United Kingdom: Free 30 day trial

Ireland: Free 30 day trial

K7 Ultimate Security 2014 options


K7 Computing Ireland and UK August 2014

K7 Enterprise Security 1.2 featured in SC Magazine UK

K7 Computing Enterprise Security was today featured in a news section in UK SC Magazine.

K7 Computing has announced the release of the next version of its endpoint security software: K7 Enterprise Security 1.2.

The company said it offers upgraded features and improved performance and reporting, including easier viewing of blocked URLs, coloured-coded security statuses of clients and a web filtering enhancement to block HTTPS sites over Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Full article at: http://www.scmagazineuk.com/k7-computing-announces-release-of-version-12-of-enterprise-security-software/article/247161/