K7 Total Security secured yet another VB-100 award

K7 Total Security 13.1 product has earned the latest VB100 award for the Windows XP SP3 platform.

VB-100 awardWe are pleased to say that we have passed yet another VB-100 award. Constant research and development for K7 antivirus products are gaining on recognition among the professionals and end -users.

Latest K7 Total Security in a version 13.1 reached higher positioning among the previous testing results.

The test result shows that:

  • K7 have made big improvements in proactive and reactive detection rates for antivirus protection.
  • The Virus Bulletin organisation has praised the new look and feel of K7 Total Security.
  • K7 Total Security is rated as ‘Solid’ which is the best rating for product stability.

Full test results: https://www.virusbtn.com/vb100/archive/test?recent=1

K7 Computing Releases a New Version 13.1 of the K7 Antivirus and Security Product Line

K7 Computing antivirus and security products have been updated to version 13.1

This new version brings improvements to the installation and security modules, especially new firewall and improved antivirus engine performance.

In the newest build 13.1 K7 has updated Firewall module and antivirus engine performance. Speeding up even still unbeatable installation time averaging in less than a minute. On a new PC/Laptop can be achieved in less than 25 seconds.

The scanning speed of the antivirus engine is the most-kept secret in K7, which makes your computer run faster than before. The program’s performance speed does not slow down processes and, therefore, you won’t notice any slowdown of your computer. Unobtrusive but complete PC protection is the key factor for K7 security products.

Latest 13.1 versions of K7 Antivirus Products:

  • K7 Antivirus Plus
  • K7 Total Security
  • K7 Ultimate Security

K7 Ultimate Security
Every installation of K7 is automatically upgraded to the latest release, with new features and modules, therefore K7 customers don’t have to worried about an old version being installed on their PC.

K7 Computing takes a different approach at the software version names and as of Q3 of 2012, is not using any prefix for the software version. Builds that reflect new features and improvements are identified as the year they are released and the update version, E.g.,  12.2, 13.0 and newest version is 13.1

For more information, including a free 30 day trial, please visit:

K7  Computing UK site: http://www.k7computing.co.uk/download.php

K7 Computing Irish website: http://www.k7computing.ie/download.php


Additional links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/K7ComputingUK

Google+: https://plus.google.com/111225020590246781521/posts

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/k7computing.co.uk

K7 Enterprise Security 2.0 released

K7 Computing is proud to announce the release of version 2.0 of K7 Enterprise Security and K7 Enterprise Antivirus.
The latest version implements new functions and improved performance for its already great performing antivirus engine for endpoint protection..

Products are reflecting the need for new security features and enhanced protection tools for business and organisation networks.
Thanks to feedback from the clients administrators and constant research and development were the most crucial improvements addressed in version 2.0

Products are focusing on easy implementation and management capabilities while maintaining low system footprint that products from K7 are known for.

Change log:

  • Admin Console (Server)

1.       Multi-Package Support – unique client setup can be created for each groups, so clients will be added automatically to the relevant group(s) after installation
2.       Update Settings under Policy (to configure, from where the clients can get updates)
3.       Offline Update Support (where server and clients not connecting to internet regularly)
4.       New Report type – Blocked Website Category – introduced
5.       Enhanced third party endpoints removal

  • Endpoint Security (Client)

1.       New version 13 client has been integrated
2.       Windows 8 / Windows Server 2012 compatible
3.       Improved Scan Engine for better Scan speed and performance
4.       Enhanced Firewall filtering with IPv6 network support
5.       Enhanced Application Control to support 64 bit network applications
6.       Enhanced Browser Protection
K7 Enterprise Security 2.0

K7 Enterprise Security and K7 Enterprise Antivirus version 2.0 are available immediately for download.
Current client’s installations will be upgraded automatically via regular updates within upcoming weeks.

Evaluation license is available through K7 resellers or directly:

QR Code security

Recent years have seen an increase in the use of QR Codes in marketing and promotions to quickly link people with advertisements as well as software downloads.

With the increase in smart devices with QR code scanning facilities, it’s no wonder firms are using QR codes as a means to quickly and conveniently connect people with the resources they are trying to market. 
Another reason for their popularity is the mystery they present. Until scanned, no one knows what they are or what information they might reveal; a link, a statement, a download. Our curiosity is the reason we scan these codes when we see them, and by harnessing this curiosity, they are a powerful tool in the marketing and promotions toolkit.

QR Code

This is the problem that we in K7 would like to point out, but most of the user are not aware of: QR codes can be used to carry any information out there. Good, bad, neutral, useless, harmful, tricky, basically anything what ever you can think of and are able to squeeze in to this image. It can be actually pretty large: over 4294 characters (source Wikipedia). But that’s not important how much information it can have, important is what information it holds and will be transferred to your phone after you scan this code.

It can be a link to a website or direct link to download an application. If you are not aware of what exactly it is, it can link to malware or phishing website, to trojan and bogus application. You think that it’s easy to spot the difference. Let say if the link shows up as: “your_winning_ipad.apple.boguswebsite.com” that you will know it’s fake and you won’t click on it. OK. Smart move, this is definitely a fake and bogus looking link. But what if the QR code information contain shortened website link using website shortening tools like any free out there that looks at the end like this: http://goo.gl/RenvT .(shortened by using goo.gl service). So what do you do now? Only way for you to find out is to click on it,  because you are curious.

This article can be used as a pretty easy guide for cybercriminals now, but I guess they already thought about this and used it in many occasions.

What Stickeris actually more dangerous is QR Code Masquerade. Way how to include dangerous content in the QR code by replacing the original QR code image. What  it is? Let say you are a respected and known company and your campaign on your website, in magazine, in the bus station, subway or inside the bus contains QR code that you would like your potential clients to click at so they are entered in to competition for a prices to win. Great tool to spread brand awareness and promote new products or service.

But what “IF” somebody get in to the publishing prior the print and by tiny amendment changes the QR code image, or if somebody places sticker with another QR code over your add in the bus, bus station or subway. What happens then? Your potential customers will be scanning something else, and you will be exposed not only to potential embarrassment by easy link switch to let say “porn website page” or “joke picture”, but potentially to malware or phishing website that can keep storing customers details and therefore affect your reputation and bring to you potential lawsuits from the users of your QR code. And you won’t be able to verify which QR code is the wrong one. Or which media was exposed, because they all looks pretty much the same. If somebody amends the QR code on your website, how long it will take you to figure that out? I guess you will find out with the first phone call from the angry user.


Check what you are scanning if you are the user. If you trust the company that provided QR code you are about to scan, go ahead. But if you don’t like the content of the page you are redirected to, get out of it.  What if it’s a link to application? Check the application’s comment board and see what other users have to say about it.

If you are the company that is planning to deploy QR code, I guess be aware of the consequences it may cause. Try to put QR code in the places that you are sure won’t be able to replace or modify. Try to have the campaign only for certain time period, so the time for exposure is not indefinite. This will make sure that your QR code won’t be able to misuses after the campaign is over and you will know that the codes are gone after that.
K7 Computing UK and Ireland

Prepared by Jan Zeleznak

www.k7computing.co.uk | www.k7computing.ie

Java C00l Blend Exploit

Over the New Year period 0-day exploits have been rampaging around. In our threat control lab we have looked into hits for the recently discovered 0-day that exploits a vulnerability (CVE-2013-0422) in the latest version of JAVA (1.7 update 10).

Our records imply that an exploit, from cool exploit kit, has been on the hunt from January 8th this year, if not before. Example file names seen so far are 2233.jar, 2332.jar and some randomised ones, downloaded from different domains that serve the exploit and other malware.

The 0-day under discussion, on successful execution on a victim’s machine, exploits the vulnerability in the java environment and downloads a Windows executable file, which currently happens to be a Ransomware Trojan in most of the occurrences.

Fortunately, K7 users are pro-actively shielded from this 0-day attack by the Carnivore technology embedded in K7 security products. Here is a screenshot that depicts K7 security products blocking an attempt to exploit the vulnerability.



Malware Analyst, K7TCL

Tesco Fake Vouchers Facebook Scam

Recently a friend of mine shared a post on Facebook with the offer of a free Tesco Voucher offer. I was curious why he would do that, as I don’t find the very “cool” factor in sharing Tesco vouchers. Then I read that you can get a €250 voucher from Tesco just by sharing the post.

Nice! but way good to be true I thought. And I was right.


The problem in the first place is the domain where you are redirected: “tescoa.net”, where is the extra “a” from? This domain is registered by some James Smith from Albanian  through GoDaddy. How original.

So I was looking more in to the scam and found that the messages you see are actually looped graphics that constantly show more available vouchers. The main point is therefore to spread this message through sharing and liking among facebook users. Other than that, I was not going to dig more in to it as I don’t like to expose my facebook profile and friends in to scams like this.

So I have created fake facebook account and clicked through. What happened than?

I did all they asked me for, I shared it, I comment on it and I liked it. That last step which is to  “like” sent me to Win an Ipad survey form:

Tesco Scam 2Hm, So I clicked continue, and after choosing the right option I was asked for my phone number and then to enter Pin that I was suppose to receive:

Tesco scam 3

That’s it, I thought to myself. I don’t have any fake phone number and I won’t definitely give them mine. For a obvious reasons. One especially – what users tend to do when are clicking through the offers, is to click-click through as fast as possible to go to the point without reading the small print. Which actually on this page stated:

“Pointixed is a subscription based competition service. Pointixed costs €12 per week, €2 x 6 SMS + a one off joining fee of €8. 18+ only. Helpline Netsize 0818 245 646. Email: helpdeskir@netsize.com To unsubscribe, text STOP to 57582. Normal operator charges apply. The competition period is 1st OCtober 2012 until 30th April 2013. The final day to enter this competition is the 31th March and any entries received after that date will be included in the next competition. One prize is given away each competition period at a maximum value of €500. A user can win a maximum of one prize per competition period.”

No, thank you.


  • Just don’t trust offers that are too good to be through at the first instance.
  • Check the domain name before you go the pages – when you go with mouse above the link, your browser shows in the right bottom corner where it is pointing to, or when you are already there, see where it is: tesco is not tescoa in this case (www.tesco.net is not http://www.tescoa.net and as well tesco domain is not on .net but  http://www.tesco.com)
  • Don’t sign for anything with your facebook profile if you don’t want to take responsibility for it or are willing to face consequences
  • And if you fell for any offer like this – remove it from your profile so your friends won’t see it and can’t spread it further – click at your name on the top of the facebook  page, and delete the post.

Article prepared by

Jan Zeleznak

K7 Computing UK and Ireland

K7 is Windows 8 Compatible

K7 Computing is happy to announce that it’s latest build released today 30th October 2012 is fully compatible with newest Microsoft Windows 8 operating system.

Windows 8

K7 is working hard on assuring full compatibility with Windows 8 for the last year and the latest build assures smooth and unbeatable performance of K7 protection.

Latest K7 antivirus products are following in the footsteps of previous versions with unmatched great performance and lowest system resources impact.

Latest 12.2 build changelog:

  • Windows 8 Compatible
  • Enhanced Firewall with IPv6 network support
  • Improved Scan Engine for better Scan speed and performance
  • Enhanced Application Control to support 64 bit network applications
  • Improved third party products detection and removal

New product builds have one new extra great ability and that’s installation time. K7 antivirus protections are capable of installing on the new system in less than 30 seconds. Protecting your system, your data and your privacy with the lightning speed of K7 antivirus engine.

K7 Total Security compatibility page

K7 Ultimate Security compatibility page

Latest software version of K7 Antivirus Plus, K7 Total Security and K7 Ultimate Security can be downloaded at: www.k7computing.ie or www.k7computing.co.uk

Carnivore Has a 0-Tolerance Policy, IE is protected by K7

The current unpatched Microsoft Internet Explorer (6, 7, 8, 9) vulnerability was being actively exploited in the wild even before it was assigned a CVE. 0-day indeed. Microsoft is due to release an Out-Of-Band patch for this exploit shortly, but unfortunately some damage has already been done via targeted attacks currently emanating from China. All of this follows in the wake of the Java vulnerability written about recently.

As MAPP partners we were privy to extra information from Microsoft about how to go about detecting attempts to exploit the vulnerability. However it turns out that the Carnivore technology embedded in K7 security products already blocked any attempt to exploit this vulnerability, as it did in the Java vulnerability case a few weeks back.

Here is an attempt to exploit the currently unpatched Use-After-Free Internet Explorer vulnerability:


K7 Ultimate security result


No patches were required, no HTML/JavaScript heuristic detection, no nothing. Note, that is not to say that you do not need to install patches. Please install the patches, especially OS-related ones, as soon as possible.

Targeted attacks are becoming more and more prevalent, and a common feature of these is the use of exploits, some of them ’0-day’, to deliver the malicious payloads. Carnivore provides an early warning and blocking safety mechanism whether the modus operandi involves a browser, a document, or something else in the future. Carnivore may not be perfect, but it certainly is a powerful maintainer of border security.

Samir Mody
Senior Manager, K7TCL

for free K7 antivirus trial visit:

www.k7computing.co.uk | www.k7computing.ie

K7 Total Security secured August VB-100 award

VB-100 passK7 Total Security pass yet another VB-100 test.

August Test was performed on Windows 7 Professional

and K7 Total Security pass without any flaw.

Full test available at vb-100 site: here

Over the last 12 months K7 Total Security pass all entered tests in VB-100,

proving the outstanding detection and performance abilities of our product.

For a free 30 day trial visit:

www.k7computing.ie or www.k7computing.co.uk

New K7 build improvements for September

K7 on-demand scanning speed improvement

K7 has just released the latest build 12.1.0128 for endpoint security products K7 Total Security, K7 Ultimate Security and K7 Antivirus Plus.
New build brings improved on-demand scanning speed for already unmatching security performance of K7 Antivirus products.
K7 In-house testing on multiple system configurations showed that K7 antivirus engine beats competition also with on-demand scanning speed.

New build implements easier installation with pre-install check for other antivirus solutions with automatic option for uninstall. Making it easier to implement K7 antivirus products that comes with the fastest installation speed with installation time average of less than 1 minute.

Free 30day trial at: http://www.k7computing.ie or www.k7computing.co.uk