Tesco Fake Vouchers Facebook Scam

Recently a friend of mine shared a post on Facebook with the offer of a free Tesco Voucher offer. I was curious why he would do that, as I don’t find the very “cool” factor in sharing Tesco vouchers. Then I read that you can get a €250 voucher from Tesco just by sharing the post.

Nice! but way good to be true I thought. And I was right.


The problem in the first place is the domain where you are redirected: “tescoa.net”, where is the extra “a” from? This domain is registered by some James Smith from Albanian  through GoDaddy. How original.

So I was looking more in to the scam and found that the messages you see are actually looped graphics that constantly show more available vouchers. The main point is therefore to spread this message through sharing and liking among facebook users. Other than that, I was not going to dig more in to it as I don’t like to expose my facebook profile and friends in to scams like this.

So I have created fake facebook account and clicked through. What happened than?

I did all they asked me for, I shared it, I comment on it and I liked it. That last step which is to  “like” sent me to Win an Ipad survey form:

Tesco Scam 2Hm, So I clicked continue, and after choosing the right option I was asked for my phone number and then to enter Pin that I was suppose to receive:

Tesco scam 3

That’s it, I thought to myself. I don’t have any fake phone number and I won’t definitely give them mine. For a obvious reasons. One especially – what users tend to do when are clicking through the offers, is to click-click through as fast as possible to go to the point without reading the small print. Which actually on this page stated:

“Pointixed is a subscription based competition service. Pointixed costs €12 per week, €2 x 6 SMS + a one off joining fee of €8. 18+ only. Helpline Netsize 0818 245 646. Email: helpdeskir@netsize.com To unsubscribe, text STOP to 57582. Normal operator charges apply. The competition period is 1st OCtober 2012 until 30th April 2013. The final day to enter this competition is the 31th March and any entries received after that date will be included in the next competition. One prize is given away each competition period at a maximum value of €500. A user can win a maximum of one prize per competition period.”

No, thank you.


  • Just don’t trust offers that are too good to be through at the first instance.
  • Check the domain name before you go the pages – when you go with mouse above the link, your browser shows in the right bottom corner where it is pointing to, or when you are already there, see where it is: tesco is not tescoa in this case (www.tesco.net is not http://www.tescoa.net and as well tesco domain is not on .net but  http://www.tesco.com)
  • Don’t sign for anything with your facebook profile if you don’t want to take responsibility for it or are willing to face consequences
  • And if you fell for any offer like this – remove it from your profile so your friends won’t see it and can’t spread it further – click at your name on the top of the facebook  page, and delete the post.

Article prepared by

Jan Zeleznak

K7 Computing UK and Ireland

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