Readers of this blog may recall an earlier post regarding the abuse of the free file hosting service – by malware authors to host their malicious code. (File-ave it! article) Given below is a list of the number of files our web crawler managed to download from this file host over the last 5 months:

Lfileave was probably well on its way to becoming the preferred free file hosting service for the malware authors. However, the site’s ISP “Hurrican Electric, Inc.” finally decided to shutdown this site and its associated

Fileave shutdown domainWe can breath a temporary sigh of relief, for its only a matter of time before the malware authors find a new site to host their parasite.

Lokesh Kumar

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5 responses to “ shutdown”

  1. nascent says :

    Damn it. I loved that hosting service. I used it legitimately, and received no warning that it was going down. had to Google to find this.

  2. Disappointed says :

    While I understand the glee that some have greeted this news on other message boards, it’s a shame that they have nothing to say for the ALL of the other folks who legitimately used this service. Yeah, it’s a big deal. I’m not made of money and the funds I used to pay a programmer to install on my art website have now been wasted because I no longer have the service I worked hard to save and pay for.

  3. Rob says :

    And you are PROUD of shutting something down rather than finding a solution. :@

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