Bank just sent you a Text, not!

Cyber criminals are targeting Banks more than any other businesses. Reason? Of course money and personal details that can lead to them.

Rise in this activity is higher in poor economic times more than in times of prosperity, for obvious reasons.
I am always amazed by their sophistication and deployment.

Phishing and banks are well known problem. Mostly by scam e-mails, but recently even by mobile phone text messages. As an example I picked AIB bank in Ireland, as I was personally targeted
by one of these text messages:

When you log in to AIB Bank account you may notice some scribble of warnings. I do, but most of the time I am not paying attention and than just click next.

The same happened today, and I have ignored it as I read it before – something about AIB scam e-mails that are encouraging clients to submit their details to the bank. Sure they are scams and the details are not processed by AIB but cyber criminals collecting your personal information.

But to my surprise I have received a Text message to my phone only minutes from the time I logged out from the account.:


I know for a fact that AIB won’t send e-mails to their clients. Therefore It has to be a big coincidence with timing that I got this text message just minutes after I used the account login.

For testing purposes I tried this link what’s gonna happen. The link was actually already dead, but in other cases it doesn’t have to be. You may be welcomed by your bank’s logo,
with full list of fields to be entered. Just to get you to give them your details.

Therefore, it’s good like they always say: “Read the fine Print”:

Users should be always aware about their privacy. It’s very easy to slip and broadcast your personal details to fraudulent site or application.

  • Check what page are you looking at: if it’s…  it’s fine. but if it’s  that’s not aib domain, nor is
  • Be sure that the page when log in is on secure domain: https:// – with lock sign in your browser.
  • Banks don’t send e-mails or unsolicited text messages to their clients!
  • If you are not sure, just contact your bank for information.


K7 Computing acknowledges this ongoing security problem and have developed K7 Secure Web to prevent data leakage and assure privacy protection and secure browsing.
You can try K7 Secure Web browser free for 30 days. It will assure that no scams will be able to get you by checking every step of your secure connection.
UK: | Ireland:

AIB – Allied Irish Banks is working on preventing these scams, and their case was mentioned just as example. AIB Security Centre:

-sg- for  K7 Computing UK and K7 Computing Ireland

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