Fake e-mails getting tricky

Few new scam messages appearing in the e-mails.
Hopefully you won’t see them if you have effective spam filter, but if not, be aware.

If you receive a similar looking e-mail – apparently from facebook – telling you that you “lost a message” – please ignore it and do not click on any of the links in the e-mail.

Fake facebook e-mail

facebook fake e-mail

Maybe you got some e-mail from a potential date. No, not from your dating site or a friend, but from a random person with appealing message.

Fake dating e-mail

fake dating e-mail

Sorry, spam again. In most cases it will re-direct you to some “very appealing dating site”, where it’s free 3 day trial to join. But after you sing in, you are asked for a credit card details. I didn’t investigate further, as I can easily guess what’s out there, and no reason to exploit my card details to some bogus website.

So just be aware again and again what are you clicking. If you don’t know the sender, don’t click on any link in the e-mail. Or at least check where the message came from. If it’s from something@facebook.com, checkothe details in the e-mai (usually on the top of the e-mail). As it may be: something like a notification+eqeqfchdkic@textfacebook.com. This is not a facebook domain at all! facebook domain is just facebook.com, no other combination.


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